Why ETMgr



Many companies currently inventory tickets, whether seasonal or for individual events, used for employee benefits, and/or to lure potential clients. ETMgr is a new web-based, hosted solution, for efficiently managing these promotional event tickets. The application allows corporations of all sizes to manage, track, and run reports on the distribution and usage of all their promotional tickets.



ETMgr was developed out of necessity for a solution to the growing problem of managing corporations’ promotional tickets. Currently, many corporations have little to no management infrastructure for their promotional tickets. Tickets are distributed to company personnel and/or clients with no tracking information. This leads to tickets being wasted by not being used to their full potential or not being used at all.



By centralizing a corporations’ ticket inventory in the ETMgr database, information on any and all tickets can be accesses instantly, and in real-time from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser. However, for ETMgr to work effectively, all ticket management must be done through ETMgr.